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LOOK LOOK is a Media Network

We are a telecom-based media network and information marketplace comprised of telecommunication resources. These resources are information highways, circuits and connections full of people trying to communicate with their digital destinations. We own, operate and service these resources and we help people search for and connect with their interests. We enable smarter, faster, easier and frictionless connections between people and what matters to them. 

LOOK LOOK accomplishes this by acquiring and data-mining parts of the world's telecom resources. We assimilate these information highways into our media network and the landline, mobile, Internet and social media connections these highways contain. 

We amass our resources from the trillions of connections that travel over telecom, the Internet, and other communication networks. We enhance these resources and we engage with the people communicating through us and who make up our growing user audience, to determine their needs.

Similar to search and social networks, we make money by selling advertising space where we strive to embed ads for our user audience that matter and are deserving.

LOOK LOOK helps people connect and reach their interests. We own telecom resources that people connect through. We create communication mediums, embed advertising and sell valuable ad space - in many cases where no one has been able to advertise before.

Look Look's intellectual property includes domestic and international patents licenses1 that we use, and for licensees, to implement our business model. Our IP helps us all acquire more telecom resources, add audience and ad space which expands our media networks. We operate where telecommunications exists and we are growing globally and virtually. 

LOOK LOOK is headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

1 Licensed from Telecomcia Properties, LLC - U.S. Patent No. 7,245,712 & 8,045.691 - Foreign patents granted in Australia, Canada, European, India, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation and Singapore. Additional patents pending.

MISSION  -  We help people Connect

Our mission is to connect people to their digital destinations and include advertising that matters.

People use LOOK LOOK to connect with their interests and discover products and services that they want to spend their time and money on.  

Advertisers use LOOK LOOK to engage with our user audience and connect with people interested in their ads, offerings, products and services.

We help people find what they're looking for and help advertisers generate leads and sales.

LOOK LOOK is the connection and the matchmaker.

BUSINESS  -  We own telecom resources

LOOK LOOK automates the acquisition of telecom resources in order to rapidly add user audience which in turn expands our media network. Our portfolios of information highways and connections are comprised of people trying to reach their digital destinations on landline and mobile calls, texts, tweets, emails, Internet, social media and other networking connections.  We acquire these connections en-masse from the billions occurring each day and then transfer those assets and control onto the LOOK LOOK media network.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) assimilates and manages our telecom traffic and connections. Our NOC helps our user audience reach what matters to them and our advertisers engage with our user audience.


LOOK LOOK sells ad space on our highways and in our connections and we artfully embed interactive audio, video and sponsored connection solutions. Ads range from TV-like commercials and friction-free direct connections with interested prospects, to performance based customer acquisition and affiliate marketing solutions. Ad sales generate premium, long-term and annuity revenue.

Advertisers range from start-ups to brand-name companies, from Internet search networks to international call/sales centers, from political candidates to legalized online gaming and Fantasy sports now advertising on telecom, the Internet and social media networks like LOOK LOOK.

LOOK LOOK acquires, owns, makes, fixes, services and manages communication attempts and connections that people use to reach their digital destinations. Businesses pay us to embed their interactive ads into our connections so that they may engage with our user audience.


Ads are embedded in digital communications because THEY WORK. Ad revenues are increasing and ads will be everywhere as Digital reaches everyone and the Internet of EveryThing extends from computers to Inter-networked appliances and wearables. Proper connection solutions for embedded ads, smart devices and frictionless payment platforms are critical so they all work correctly. 

Well, many do not work correctly and many more will not work correctly because we're human and it's complicated. Remember that blinking "12:00" on a VCR and "Your call cannot go through"? Now it's "404 Error Pages", "Error Invalid Text Numbers" and… who knows what else!. 

LOOK LOOK knows - and therein lies even more opportunities. Trillions of communications attempts occur and a meaningful percentage of those attempts fail and are or will be embedded with LOOK LOOK connection solutions. Additionally, the already massive amount of failed connection attempts are increasing as the world's installed base of connected devices grows.

Ads are being embedded into everything - your phone calls, emails, texts, tweets, apps and notifications. Your devices and wearables depend on connection and advertising solutions  - especially as the Web is connected to everthing from your car to your thermostat, watch and even your underwear.

LOOK LOOK is on the forefront of better ways to connect billions, if not trillions, of digital communications and include advertising that matters. 


Businesses are looking for harder-to-find customers and use telecom, the Internet, social media networks and advanced marketing in an attempt to attract customers. More and more of these advertisers turn to LOOK LOOK because our media network is a "customer acquisition machine" that matches consumer interest with relevant advertisers wanting to engage with our user audience.  

LOOK LOOK’s techniques for acquiring access to these consumers, combined with our matchmaking abilities, attracts both people who want to be connected to their interests, and advertisers who want to be and deserve to be part of that connection.  Our data-mining summarizes results and findings into useful information that helps our user audience connect with their interests and our advertisers increase their revenues and cut their costs.


LOOK LOOK has a management team experienced in landline and mobile telecom, the Internet and social media networks. We expand our media network by acquiring more telecom resources and information highways which then adds user audience and ad space so we can offer more connection solutions and sell more ads to advertisers, sponsors, and interested parties which in turn generates more revenue and growth.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT   -   The Next Big Thing

Owning a media network has its benefits.

Accelerator Solutions - We use our media network and ad space to help discover, kick-start, and participate in promising "Next Big Thing" products, services and apps with mass appeal.

Next Big Things?

PayFever - Get paid when your phone rings, texts ding, emails ping and tweets sing.

Social Rewards - Your activity makes companies billions. Make sure you get your cut!

MoneyPhone - Is your smartphone dumb? Get that supercomputer making you money!

CasinoPhone - Real money wagering through that "Vegas" portal in your hand.

LOOK LOOK innovations are being designed to help people make money with their smart devices.

PayFever is all about money making and revenue sharing offerings like our PayTones (ads as ringtones), PayTexts (ads in texts), PayMail (ads in emails & voicemails) and PayMe (social media rewards programs).


Sponsored Connection Solutions - We engage our user audience with:

Search Matchdirectory assistance style search and connect.

Category Match - relevant destination matches and connections.

Direct Match - friction-free connections to desired destinations.

Performance & Affiliate Matchsuccess driven and annuity payouts.

Accelerator Match - discover and kick-start the up and coming.

LOOK LOOK Brands and Portals - We guide traffic and leads to advertisers by acquiring and employing memorable and easy access voice/Internet portals like:  

1 800 LOOKLOOK - landline and cell access to our media network. - Internet access to our media network. - fundraising and voter acquisition solutions.

Gaming Portals - We implement portals designed to matchmake the legalized online gaming industry with cost effective player acquisition and connection solutions. We guide players to better "Comps" and gaming concerns to more players with our solutions like:



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1 904 543-5000 v, 1 904 543-6000 f

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MARKET SIZE* - Just U.S. Pay Per Call - BILLIONS

CONNECTIONS - Information Highways


Over 300 billion emails sent and received per day (Radicati Group)

Over 12.4 billion phone calls everyday worldwide (UCN)

Over 6 billion texts per day (Forrester Research)

Over 5.2 billion searches per day (Google)

Over 3.7 billion cell phone calls per day in the US (

Over 945 million websites (Internet Live Stats)

Over 500 million Tweets per day (Twitter IPO)

AND for the techies among us…. according to Cisco:


Annual global IP traffic will pass the zettabyte threshold by the end of 2015, and will reach 1.4 zettabytes per year by 2017. In 2015, global IP traffic will reach 1.0 zettabytes per year or 83.8 exabytes per month, and by 2017, global IP traffic will reach 1.4 zettabytes per year or 120.6 exabytes per month.

Global IP traffic has increased fourfold over the past 5 years, and will increase threefold over the next 5 years. Overall, IP traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23 percent from 2012 to 2017.

Traffic from wireless and mobile devices will exceed traffic from wired devices by 2017. By 2017, wired devices will account for 45 percent of IP traffic, while Wi-Fi and mobile devices will account for 55 percent of IP traffic. In 2012, wired devices accounted for the majority of IP traffic at 59 percent.

The number of devices connected to IP networks will be nearly three times as high as the global population by 2017. There will be nearly three networked devices per capita in 2017, up from nearly two networked devices per capita in 2012. Accelerated in part by the increase in devices and the capabilities of those devices, IP traffic per capita will reach 16 gigabytes per capita by 2017, up from 6 gigabytes per capita in 2012.






John Andrews  CEO


John has been the CEO of LOOK LOOK from its launch. He has over 25 years of leadership experience in the roles of CEO and President in the telecommunications and information technology industries.  His telecommunications experience began with telecom giant GTE, where he rose to the roles of divisional CIO, and then President of three different subsidiaries in the government, cellular and health care industries. After GTE, he served as CIO and Sr. VP of Transportation at CSX Corporation. While at CSX he was responsible for leading a massive IT transformation enabling million of dollars in annual savings. Following CSX, John founded a technology company, e-Medsoft, which he later took public achieving a multi-billion dollar market cap at its peak. His next success came when he was recruited to NASDAQ-traded Giga Information Group, where as CEO he was charged with turning around the company and positioning it for sale. He successfully delivered on that mission, reversing a sliding trend in revenue growth and profitability and  then permitted the strategic sale to Forrester Research (NASDAQ: FORR). Following Giga, he became CEO of Evans Data Corporation, a California-based IT consulting and market research firm which provides strategic product guidance and solutions to the top 100 technology service providers. John has a BS in Business Finance from Whitworth University and a MBA from University of Puget Sound.

Lisa Broderick – COO


With over 20 years as CEO, COO, President and CFO of high technology companies for investor groups such as GE Capital, Lisa brings a wealth of experience to LOOK LOOK.  Her CEO and CFO responsibilities have included raising capital, growing companies in numerous markets, integrating companies after acquisition, troubleshooting of specific corporate issues and traditional turn-arounds of troubled and failing businesses. Lisa served as CEO of Telecomcia Cooperatief, an international holding company in the telecom "In-Call" Media industry. She quickly grew the company into a multi-million dollar business and sold its assets to a New York-based holding company.  Lisa earned a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Duke University.

The Company currently has ten employees and/or contractors and utilizes applicable sub-contractors and cloud services. Plans continue for accelerated growth in 2016.  The primary drivers of staffing levels will be in network operations, technology and marketing.




NOC - Network Operations Center



Race is an experienced sales and marketing executive. His extensive management and sales skills; planning, training and operations experience; benefit the Company to its maximum.

Race works to acquire and control digital communications and to create sales plans to penetrate select telecom traffic pools and customer bases. He engages in business development to create partnerships with companies that result in the acquisition, assimilation and control of digital communications and stronger offerings to the customer and user base. Race is responsible for growth during the next 24 months of operations. 

Race works with the appropriate executives within telecommunications companies in order to propagate business development and acquisition goals, and he communicates among multiple department heads in order to clarify and focus corporate strategy resulting in a laser sharp approach during customer and vendor presentations.

Race has worked for leading companies in the Mobile/IT Industry where his comprehensive contacts list and knowledge base enabled companies, ranging from startups to established corporations, to accomplish sales and business development goals. He consistently outperformed expectations generating year over year gains in a flat market and was responsible for growing a multi-million dollar customer portfolio, as well as communicating upstream to the senior executive team in order to optimize the on boarding and sales process.

Race worked for the Department of Homeland Security and maintained a TOP SECRET security clearance. He is a graduate of the US Marine Corps.

Vougila hougenees


Voug is an experienced C-Level Strategic Operations, Tech and Business Development Leader driven to find the next innovative business opportunity that will help shape tomorrow's wireless communications and digital media landscape.

Voug founded a mobile payments company providing direct carrier connections in North American and the UK. He has launched mobile billing and marketing businesses generating millions of dollars per year.

Voug has been in telecom as a Senior Brand Manager for a meaningful telecom company and over the course of two years  he directed strategic operations, marketing activities and helped grow a multi-million dollar per year audio-text entertainment business.

Recycling Telecommunications

Recycling Telecommunications



Clem is a hands-on Telecom manager who provides expertise in implementing, supporting and recommending changes for the telecommunications operations of the Company. He oversees all telecommunications planning and needs assessments, develops contact centers and effectively manages deployment /implementation and telecom changes.  Clem has significant interaction with user contact centers and general management personnel. Prior to this, Clem was a network manager for a multi-million dollar telecom company where he worked he worked with communication records for billing, transmission, connections and deployed telecom changes for that company.



LOOK LOOK team members, consultants and vendors have a successful history of working together on projects and companies.

We believe that our specialist team is at the forefront of connecting billions, if not trillions, of digital communications with desired destinations and ads that matter.

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